I don't care if it hurts just so long as it's real
Randall. 20. Taken by a lovely girl. Music is life.
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  • shrekjpeg:

    when u excited about something and ur friend isntimage

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  • sliceofbri:


    am i the only one who thinks people look hotter when they’re in underwear and not when they’re naked

    1) its this whole “leaving it to the imagination” thing that we humans like
    2) genitals are fuckin weird lookin bro
    3) have you seen a limp dick it’s like a sad sea creature

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  • seabelle:

    I can’t stand these fucking people with these fucking family window stickers on their cars a murderer is gonna come into your fucking house and you’re gonna try to hide your kids in the fucking closet and he’s gonna be like naw bitch I saw your fucking mini van I know you have six more kids where are they

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  • Anonymous asked : You should draw a puma wearing puma shoes.
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  • ultrafacts:

    More than half of the entire world’s population is under 25-years-old.

    In Canada, it is considered sexual assault to kiss your significant other while they are sleeping.

    During the Middle Ages, being a bad musician was a public offense and lousy musicians were tortured.

    There are sign…

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